The Sea Hagg Spirits  contract distills and crafts small batches of artisan spirits in a traditional copper alembic pot still. We age in custom toasted barrels and then bottle by hand at our distillery in North Hampton, New Hampshire. The Sea Hagg Distillery salutes the rich history of spirits production and consumption on the seacoast of New Hampshire and through out America. We embrace the new revolution of microdistillation and the drink local movement. Stay tuned for new products.

Sea Hagg Rums

Sea Hagg RumsSea Hagg Silver Rum is crafted in small batches from sugar cane molasses grown and produced in the United States.   Our rum is distilled in a traditional copper alembic pot still, aged in custom toasted barrels, and bottled by hand at our distillery. This product is a full bodied clear rum ideal for sipping slightly chilled or cocktail mixing.

Seasonal Products
When available, we have locally-sourced fruit brandies and eaux-de-vie.

Personalized Labeled Products
For retail consumption.  Please inquire for further information.

Private Label Products
Can be produced for wholesale purchase.  Please inquire for further information.

Complimentary Tastings, Tours, and Sales

Please contact us to schedule tasting, tours and to come by to purchase some of our products.